Error displayed when I upload my tests from the command line to test-cloud

dermotKdermotK USMember, University

Hi there.

I have created two tests in VS 2015, and run them locally against emulators without a problem. Then using the below command I upload them to test cloud and I get the attached error message.

It could be something simple, file paths or such.

C:\Users\xxx\Documents\HomeApp\Test1>C:\Users\xxx\Documents\HomeApp\Test1\packages\Xamarin.UITest.0.7.2\tools\test-cloud.exe submit Test1\bin\Debug\com.xamarin.samples.taskyandroid.apk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --devices xxxxxxxxxx --series "master" --locale "en_US" --user [email protected] --assembly-dir Test1\bin\Debug

obviously I X's are replacing sensitive data.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • dermotKdermotK USMember, University

    This issue is now resolved. I found that the NUnit TestAdapter dll was using pre 2 version. Upgraded this to the latest version and the tests upload and ran successfully.

    This can be closed off.

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