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LocationManager OnLocationChanged don't fired

JosePereraJosePerera USMember ✭✭
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Hello guys,
I have this problem, I have an Activity with the following code:
public class CreateProperty : Activity, ILocationListener
I have an ImageView with this event:
imGeolocation.Click += (object sender, System.EventArgs e) => { locmngr = GetSystemService(Context.LocationService) as LocationManager; if(locmngr.IsProviderEnabled(LocationManager.GpsProvider)) { locmngr.RequestLocationUpdates (this.Provider, 0, 0, this);} };
I declared the methods for the ILocationListener:
public void OnLocationChanged (Android.Locations.Location location) { txtPropertyGeolocation.Text = location.Latitude + "-" + location.Longitude; }
Why the method OnLocationChanged don't fired?

I need to get the Location (Latitud - Longitud)
Any help with that?

thanks in advanced


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