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Deploy Thrice?

If you create a Xamarin.Mac project, or the MonoMac equivalent, is it possible to deploy to OS X, Windows, and Linux with one solution?

Also, with the MonoMac template, are commercial applications allowed, and if so, what type of applications?



  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    You could create a solution containing a MonoMac/Xamarin.Mac project for Mac, a GTK# project for Linux, and Windows Forms / WPF project for Windows (though the WPF project would only be usable if you opened the solution in VS). Your three frontend projects could share common core libraries, as like the MVC structure we recommend for mobile apps.

    WRT to commercial usage, MonoMac and Mono are open source, so as long as you comply with the licenses there are non restrictions on commercial use. However, if you want to bundle Mono into your app so you can ship it self-contained instead of depending on system installation of Mono, as is needed for the Mac App Store, you will need Xamarin.Mac.

  • FusionGamerFusionGamer USMember

    Thank you for the clear and precise answer!

    (Ooops, had this as a draft this whole time. Thought I posted.)

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