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  • jeoffreyjeoffrey USMember

    Hi coders,

    This is Jeoffrey from Nagoya Japan, I'm an android developer but using Sencha Touch.
    Hopefully you can help me to learn things here in Xamarin.

    Domo arigatou gozaimashita!

  • GavinGavGavinGav USMember

    Hi,I'm cherubic ,I'm a Chinese student,I love programming and now I learning Xamarin,I want to create my App use Xamarin. I hope I can learn more about it.

  • AmmarZaiedAmmarZaied USMember ✭✭

    i'm a software engineer, from Tunisia (North Africa),i'm a .net developer and i like to develop an Xamarin Apps and share khnowledge with Xamarin community.

  • AaronMcGeeAaronMcGee NZMember, University

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Aaron and I'm a .NET developer based in New Zealand. I spend most of my working hours developing in ASP .NET MVC, but I'm eager to take my evolution as a developer to the next level (and onto mobile) with my new Xamarin University subscription and with the help of the excellent Xamarin community.

  • SureFlapSureFlap USMember, University

    My name is Marco, I'm an italian computer scientist, moved to UK at the start of this year (so sorry for my english).
    I have 6 year experience with .NET and more than 3 year on native mobile development.
    Slightly less than a year ago I started learning Xamarin and now I'm developing different apps with it!

  • RaduGramaRaduGrama USMember


    I am Radu Grama and I am the Founder/CEO of PlusInfinite, LLC a custom software development company specializing in cloud, mobile and enterprise solutions. While we develop native iOS and Android apps, we have a solid .NET background (I worked for 8+ years and my business partner 15+ at Microsoft) and we love the Xamarin Platform - and our future products built on it.

    Thank you,
    Radu Grama

  • Hi Everybody,

    I am Oussama Al Rifai. I have the feeling that I am the oldest man in this community. :(
    In all cases, I feel old. As I am an old fashion developer and totally new to mobile development. I am even new to C# philosophy.
    So I will ask you to be patient with me and my questions that may sound stupid or even very very stupid.

  • TorbenKruseTorbenKruse DEMember ✭✭✭


    I'm Torben from Germany, 26 years old and developing in .Net for now almost 7 years. And I fuckin hate Avocados.

  • PetrAntosPetrAntos CZMember
    edited February 2015

    Hello everybody :smile: I'm Petr and first of all, thanX for the great tool. Quite lot of years ago, I worked with WinCE/NETCF industrial mobile terminals having great pleasure to use NETCF compiled WinForms subset code even on desktop as you can read here. And now I am again very happy to work with really nice Xamarin.Forms, wishing to us also the modern Windows desktop port soon. Imagine ... no emulator..., no device deployments..., just fast&fluid creativity.
    (for now, life will be easier when this deployment glitch will be fixed :wink:)

  • ImadAlazaniImadAlazani USMember, University, Developer Group Leader

    Hi! I am a software developer from Southern California, and a proudly a Xamarin Student Ambassador ! :smile:

  • GeraldVersluisGeraldVersluis NLUniversity ✭✭✭✭

    Hi there!

    Gerald here from Holland! After working several years with C# (and all Microsoft technologies for that matter) and creating some Windows Phone apps, I developed an itch to bring my apps to te next level.
    As is expected from a good developer I don't like to do thing twice (let alone three times), therefore Xamarin is the solution for me.
    Not having to spend amounts of precious free time learning new languages and recreating my feature in three different languages is a blessing.

    I have no prior knowledge of Xamarin, so I am still learning every day. Eventually my goal is to teach Xamarin to others through my company, become a guru and hopefully become a MVP.

    You can follow my journey at


  • UdayKadamUdayKadam USMember
    edited March 2015

    Hello All,

    I am Uday Kadam, Heading Agrobytes IT Services Pvt. Ltd., India - A social network and web development company as a CEO. We have good development team for .NET, Android. We are developing social network apps for - a social network for Agriculture Industry.

    Also we are developing Multilingual Literature Social Platform for sharing and ranking literature pieces in several languages - which shall make literature boundary less.

    I strongly believe in Xamarin platform and have faith that this platform shall help us to accomplish our projects.
    For more details visit - (

  • scommetixscommetix ROMember

    I'm Thomas Hoon, I love beer & writing Mobile apps. I've managed two combine those two loves :) - I blog at I tweet a lot more at

  • steve.dswtplsteve.dswtpl USMember

    Hello every one...!! My self Steve Mark and I am a Web designer and developer. I am here to share and get new ideas and knowledge.

  • AntoniAntoni USMember

    Hi everyone I am antoni. I am new to xamarin. I would like to build mobile apps for both android and ios. Can I use window OS to build ios apps? May I know how I can start building my first app quickly?

  • neelkumarneelkumar INMember
    edited March 2015

    hello everyone i am neel kumar, i am new user on this forums

  • JohnMckay.5741JohnMckay.5741 GBMember

    Hi, I'm John, I'm a sort-of-everything developer from Northern Ireland and I've been doing this for about 5 years now.

    Loving Xamarin so far, although it can be a little fiddly at times, excited to learn more and build some apps!

  • SandStormSandStorm USMember

    Hello my name is Sam, a.k.a SammyLee, from Michigan USA. I am a new member to the Xamarin Community and am very much looking forward to developing with Xamarin. I am using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate as my IDE. I have just recently started using C# and am looking to learn all there is to know about this language and all development platforms that utilize it.

    LETS GET CODING! :smile:

  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin
    edited April 2015

    I’m John Hardman, based in the UK. I am an Open University student, currently studying Software Engineering, to be followed later this year by Project Management. Hopefully, the student part of my life will be finished some time late in 2017. I quit my previous job at end of 2014 and am now concentrating on my studies and developing a mobile app project of my own. I’ve given myself about a year to get the first release out the door, before deciding quite how to balance studying and app development after that.

    I am predominantly an iOS user for mobile devices, and a Windows user for desktop. My priorities for the app are based on market sizes, so Android, iOS, Windows Phone for the mobile devices, but with Windows Store an obvious attraction too. My first release will target American English, British English and Dutch, but with other languages added soon thereafter. Chinese, Japanese and Korean are high on my list, as long as I can find somebody to translate text for me.

    I have been making use of Xamarin.University, which I think is fantastic, have bought time on Xamarin.TestCloud (test automation is one of my specialities), and am now adding Xamarin.Insights into my code (I like to think of myself as a devops sort of person).

    I write a rather wordy blog (you may have guessed from this - I’ll try to make it snappier in future) at about my project. It intentionally doesn’t actually give away much about the functionality, more about the process of putting together a product and a startup company. Details of my work life prior to concentrating on studies and my app can be found at

    Based on what I have done so far, I already find people calling upon me for advice, which I am normally happy to give, subject to time constraints.

  • ThomasCaseyThomasCasey USMember

    Hi All,
    I'm a 68 year old retired Aerospace worker. Although I primarily worked in Manufacturing and Launch Operations during my career, my night-school BS degree is in Computer Systems, Programming. I started programming personal Applications as a hobby sometime in the mid 1980's. My first successful application used machine language on a RadioShack ColorComputer (64K !!) to control my model railroad. I bounced around different languages for awhile before concentrating on C++ for several years. I eventually moved to VS C# .Net, where I still am today. I recently bought my first mobile device, a Galaxy Tab S which is the reason I'm now embarking on learning Android programming. Although I am somewhat familiar with Java, being able to use C# in Xamarin Studio will be a big help to me.

    I hope to become a contributing member of this forum.

    Thomas Casey

  • nurfarazinurfarazi USMember
    edited April 2015

    hi i am nur farazi from bangladesh ,i was cocos2d, iOS app and unity3d developer , now i am fully dedicated to xamarin,

  • tiganijabertiganijaber USMember
    edited April 2015

    hi Im Jaber
    from sudan im android developer who fall in love of xamarin platform and their vision now im trying to improve my skills in that platform to be certified xamarin developer but the high cost of it will make problem for me but iwill do my best
    happy to be here

  • NielsvanAmstelNielsvanAmstel NLMember ✭✭

    Hello everybody,

    My name is Niels van Amstel and I'm from The Netherlands and I'm 30 years old. I've come in contact with Xamarin primaraly because I'm doing my thesis on Xamarin and cross-platform mobile development for my bachelors degree in IT. I've heard from Xamarin before but now I'm really diving into it. I can really see the potential and I've already begun experimenting with it especially in combination with Xamarin.Forms. I'm 12 weeks into my 20 weeks of graduating and my thesis is coming along nicely. I've already learned a lot from reading forum posts here and I'm looking forward to learn more to the point where I'm able to help others.

    See you around!


  • jamiejonesjamiejones USMember

    I'm Jamie.... I live inside this screen lol. I work, and eat ramen and try to keep my cats off my gear. :) I have a couple of kids so i am a MOMBIE!

  • rohitasthanarohitasthana USMember

    My Name is Rohit and I am from India but relocate to USA. I have good knowledge of Mobile development and I love open source. Earlier i started mobile development on Eclipse but now i am obsessed with Xamarin. Its elegant beautiful. Developed very basic app . you can get it from here

  • jbravobrjbravobr BRMember ✭✭

    Hi I'm Rodrigo, I'm from Brazil. I'm a developer since I was 12 years old. In the last 15 years I'm a Microsoft .NET developer and since last year I became a Xamarin Developer ! Right now I'm a mobile developer to a lot of companies in Brazil and Argentina.

  • Charlie.OmofumaCharlie.Omofuma USMember

    Hi guys am Charles

  • vinbosvinbos ITMember

    Hi, I'm new to Mono and it's amazing!

  • EldonTenorioEldonTenorio PHUniversity

    Hi Guys, I am Eldon from the Philippines. I work for 2LincSolutions/4Solutions, an Australian-based company (4Solutions) with a satellite office here in the Philippines (2LincSolutions). I work as a senior software developer, and have been developing using Xamarin since 2013.

  • PekkaNiskanenPekkaNiskanen USMember
    edited May 2015

    Hello all. I'm Pekka, a Xamarin Forms n00b from Finland.

    Currently I'm working as a lead developer in a startup ( building an Azure platform plus mobile apps and various additional applications related to IoT and IIoT. We have used Xamarin Forms for our partner app and we have already deployed the Android version to the customers; this is targeted to mobile use, the main app is a Windows Universal app.

    I have been programming with C# for years taking some side steps to Java every now and then. Experienced in manufacturing industry, automated data collection, IoT and IIoT, WPF / WCF and various other things during my years working as a regular employee and as a freelancer. Programming is both hobby and profession for me and I like to explore new technologies and tinker with embedded devices as a side project.

    Xamarin Forms was the most logical choice for us for cross platform development since we have lots of experience with C# and we want to reduce the costs while developing apps for Android and iOS. The experience has been pretty good so far apart from the hiccup with the stable release a while ago. We will continue to implement Xamarin Forms apps and Windows Universal / UWP apps depending on the requirements and whether we need to make the app for Android / iOS as well.


  • BrunoGallienBrunoGallien USMember

    Hi, my name is Bruno Gallien. I am currently an I.T. in a bank and I am currently exploring opportunities to move back to mobile dev.

  • Abigail1509Abigail1509 UAMember

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. My name is Abigail. Hope to find new ideas and interesting people here. )))


    Hey, I'm CJ and my favorite color is green.

  • AlyssaSalehiAlyssaSalehi USMember

    Hi my name is Alyssa, I am a recruiter for CyberCoders actively hiring developers all across the U.S. I am currently in need of Xamarin developers specifically in San Francisco. Send me a message if you're looking. :)

  • goodsimphonegoodsimphone THMember

    Hello all, i'm new here, This is article of goodsimphone >>>>> เบอร์ดี

  • G'day All

    My name is Jeremy Thompson and I'm from Sydney Australia. I'm into a lot of tools for debugging, performance, threading, IDE and etc. My background in coding started with VB and C++, then classic asp and onto .Net and now Xamarin!!

    At various times I have worked for the Reserve Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank, Macquarie Bank, MLC, Datacom, Massive Interactive,, SKM/Jacobs Engineering and more. The highlight of my career was working for Microsoft Australia in Pro Dev PSS.

    I've been watching Xamarin grow over the last couple of years and changed jobs to get away from VSTO AddIns and Winform Apps to an employer who appreciates the beauty of device neutral applications.

    Most days you can find me on StackOverflow and can get in touch with me via Twitter @McCodin.

    ps. I hate Spagetti (a.k.a web development).

  • gabereisergabereiser USMember

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Gabriel Reiser and I've been a software engineer for over 15 years. My passion is 3D. I was the creator of one of the first XNA game engines available and is a frequent contributor to many open source engines. I rewrote my engine for MonoGame and decided to refactor it from scratch for a pure OpenGL implementation. My goals here are to provide you all, the community, access to my engine for doing Win/Linux/Mac/iOS/Android 3D game development.

    I've worked at some pretty awesome places, most recently, Red Hat as a solutions architect. So while I'm not like some of you that do this full-time, I still maintain a day job, and code for my engine as my night time activities.

    I'm also looking for quality 3d artists to help/donate art assets to show off the BRDF physical shading pipeline of my next version so if you are interested, hit me up.

    twitter: @gabereiser
    website: (redirects to github, for now)

  • Hello Guys, This is Richard team coordinator at Inwizards, provide skilled and experienced Xamarin developer.

  • RavenRaven USMember

    Hi All, I am a high school/college student and will get my bachelor's degree in 3 years. I am new to Android and Xamarin. I love coding and sketching. I enjoy developing apps and creating webpages. I will also create games in the future.

  • LucianoWeberLucianoWeber BRMember

    Hello! I am Luciano, technology student in Systems Analysis and Development. I am resident of the city of Palhoça, state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. I'm interested in knowing the full potential of programming languages and the use of application development. I intend to see germinate here my first important projects and also want to be open to collaborate with the designs of others in everything in my power. Deepen better chose the study for Android applications and I am looking forward to unlocking the resources of Xamarin.

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