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No iOS code signing key matches specified provisioning profile

ocheung174ocheung174 USMember

Hi all, here's my situation:

I'm currently developing a Xamarin.Forms project and trying to deploy the app onto a iOS device.

Two things have recently happened:

  1. I've added a new device to my provisioning profile, had to re-create the provisioning profile (since I'm rather new to this) to accommodate both devices but eventually had both devices running the application.

  2. I am using my manager's Apple Developer profile and recently it reached the 'end of year' period and I had to transfer over the existing certificates. Not sure if this affects anything but noting it just in case.

Both devices executing the app perfectly fine until later on in the day when, attempting to deploy the app onto any one of the devices, I get the subject error.

I have revoked and recreated my certificates and provisioning profiles + cleaned out Keychain Access and still no luck. Also cleaned out entitlements.plist with no effect.

Could anyone please advise? Many thanks.



  • ocheung174ocheung174 USMember

    Actually, please disregard this post.

    I was a being a maximum idiot and did not know about the provisioning profile option in Options > iOS Bundle Signing.

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