Android, Page.DisplayActionSheet, need more text room!

binkman71binkman71 USMember ✭✭

So I display an action sheet on iOS and Android in my app, giving the user various options for how to proceed. I use the Action Sheet because the choice is not binary, as an Alert would do. However, the message/title is a little longer than usual.

On iOS, the Action Sheet just expands to allow all the text to show.

On an Android phone, the text is simply truncated to two lines and given ellipses, with no apparent way to see the full text.

Is there a way to have the Android version show more of the text, or change the size of the text so more would fit in the allotted space?


  • Alex.LiuAlex.Liu USUniversity ✭✭

    Let me know when you get a solution.

  • DavidMal.8013DavidMal.8013 USMember
    edited November 2016

    Hey binkman71, thank you very much! I Implemented your code and it works perfekt.

  • Great work binkman71, this works perfectly! Thank you very much!

  • amirvenusamirvenus USMember ✭✭✭

    Is it possible to do something similar for UWP?

  • Ralph41Ralph41 Member

    Newbie here. I have veiwModels and pages (.xaml and .xaml.cs files). Where does the strSelection Needs to be in order?

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