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Need help:Get unhandled exception while changing a List<View> typed property in ViewModel

OK, I got this problem when I change a List typed property of ViewModel.
The page looks like this:(The tab tags are actually two buttons, below is a ListView.)
I click the button to chang the content(s) of the ListView. They are displayed in a DataTemplate using BindingContext.
vm.T1() is a test method to change the List typed property, binding to the ItemSource of ListView.(The TravelReview is just a View)
And then, if I click the button for specific times, it collapsed.
Besides more views added to the list usually means less times it need to collapse.
3 views, click 21times; 10 views, click 14 times.
This may sounds pretty weird. But I think it may be a problem in Xamarin's source code. Am I right?
Is there anyone could help? Thanks a lot!
My sincerely.


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