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Porting a legacy C# desktop application from Windows to Mac

I realize that this question sounds very naive, but I am confused by the profusion of potential tools. I have been developing targeted applications for 55 years. For the past 20 years I have developed on Windows (statistical software). But the current trend forces a shift to Mac. What is the least painful path to make a C# application (multiple graphical objects) function on a Mac? I am attaching a text version of the applications xml documentation.

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  • papaworxpapaworx CAMember

    This has been a very helpful answer, thank you. While my application distinguishes logically between model and view, I haven't followed a formal schema. I used winforms (on VS) but could probably convert it to WPF without too much difficulties, although they say it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. Conceptually, I am using a stage with scenes that follow each other in a fixed sequence. That should be relatively easy to change to WPF. Obviously, it would involve quite a bit of work. Are you confident, that then the port to IOS would be straightforward, and where would I find instructions? Which Xamarin product would I have to buy?

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