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OpenGL error on Nexus 4 devices - Google bug


  • mikekmikek DEMember

    Hi Jon,

    thanks for the info. But I got this problem always also with the Nexus 5 (Lollipop) image. :(

    The error message suggests a problem with the firewall ...

    OpenGl server is unreachable. Please check that Xamarin Android Player is allowed through your firewall on public networks.

    but the firewall rules for the player are in place.

    If I start the player, it changes the network connection for the VirtualBox:

    Xamarin Android Player will now configure a host-only network for communication with the virtual Android machine.

    This modification breaks always my normal, company internal networking! I couldn't reach any intranet site. Internet access (through a proxy) works, but every domain, which is allowed for direct access is "unreachable". I'm not a networking specialist, but could something like this cause the OpenGL error?

    Xamarin seems to be a cool product! But if the environment could not be used, my test period is over, before I can compile and try my first app. :(

    Best regards,

  • mikekmikek DEMember

    Short Update:
    I deinstalled the Xamarin Android Player, installed the Genymotion "Player" and everything works perfect ...

    Genymotion also needs only one network connection, which doesn't break my normal network connectivity.

    Best regards,

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