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XS shows starter edition Welcome Page despite having iOS/Android/Mac Business edition licenses

joehannajoehanna AUBeta ✭✭

I have had all sorts of problems when I migrated from MD to XS on my notebook. However, my desktop migration was flawless and everything works fine there.

For a long time, my notebook (MBP) would not download and/or recognise my Business Edition licenses. A few interactions with support via email weren't able to nail down the cause. I caught up with Rolf at Evolve and after a fare while he managed to get my installation to recognise the licenses.

However, when XS starts up, I am still greeted by the Starter Edition Welcome screen. I really would like it to go away and show me the normal one with a list of recent projects etc.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    The welcome splash screen should go away as soon as you click on the "start building apps" button, and shouldn't come back. What behaviour exactly are you seeing?

  • joehannajoehanna AUBeta ✭✭

    Too easy! I didn't think to do that since my other installation didn't need it.

    Thanks Michael!

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