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aniruddhaaniruddha USMember

I am using a custom renderer to render a webview in Android.
I need help regarding SSL trust. I am loading a payment gateway page in WebView (custom renderer). It is a POST request and I am passing a payload.
This is happening successfully till now.

After filling up the form and submit I am getting a callback in the OnReceivedSslError method of the WebViewClient class. Here I ask it to proceed (as per various forums). Once this is done I am not getting any success callback. I need to be able to read javascript values once I get a response from the webview. I do not know how this is to be achieved.
1. How to receive response and read JS values from the page?

Please find attached a document with the code that I have written.

1. On submitting the form it should be trusted(it is a self-signed certificate).
2. Once this above step is done we are expecting a response from the webpage. We need to read javascript values from the page.



  • aniruddhaaniruddha USMember

    The above issue has been resolved. Calling handler.Proceed in OnSSLError was fine but the issue was with calling the base inside this callback. Once I removed base.OnSSLError my code worked fine.

  • YakubuYakubu USMember

    When I play media on a webview page and navigate away from it, the media continues playing indefinitely and I cannot navigate back to that same instance of the webview from my application. It is very annoying.I actually have to kill the application to fix it.

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