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May 22nd, Thessaloniki, Greece, Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with C#, Visual Studio & Xamarin

StratosKourtzanidisStratosKourtzanidis USDeveloper Group Leader

Modern mobile development today requires developers to provide their application for multiple device platforms (such as Windows, Android or iOS). Xamarin has been enabling Cross-Platform Mobile Development with C#

In this talk, we explore how you can use Xamarin native applications targeting the Android/iOS platform.

We will first cover traditional Xamarin mobile development with a complete demo, from setting up the tools to deploy your app to a mobile device.

We even 'll describe the basics of mobile development lifecycle.

We also have a quick look on Xamarin.Forms, which enables developers to share even more code with a common user interface (UI) across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone using C# and XAML

Debugging, emulation are also part of the mix.

This is a hands-on meet-up, so you are welcome to bring your laptop.

We want you, to have a good knowledge of C#, and some basic knowledge from mobile usage
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