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Supported Architecture ARM64

MarcoTMarcoT USMember ✭✭

I was trying to build the app using the adhoc configuration.
In supported Architecture I had ARMv7 + ARM64. I built the app and submitted through Application Loader.
I received and error saying that my app is too big.
I tried to switch to ARMv7 but now Application Loader says me that i have to support 64 bit architecture.
I returned in the visual studio xamarin.ios config to return to ARMv7 + ARM64 but i noticed that now I don't have this option anymore.
So i have this option in debug and release configuration but no in AdHoc. How I can do to restore this option?



  • MarcoTMarcoT USMember ✭✭

    If someone has the same problem, to solve it, you can open the csproj file of the project and
    check that under the Ad-hoc configuration there is this line:

    ARMv7, ARM64

  • glucoseglucose CNMember

    Have you solved the app size too big problem?

  • SureFlapSureFlap USMember, University

    Try to use "Link SDK assembly only" should reduce the size of your app

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