Get Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundException on the out of box-project on Forms

PiePie SEMember
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I have an Indie account for Android only and wanted to try Forms for Android and iOS (and updated to iOS license also if Forms is what if hope and think it is).

So created my first Forms project and hit debug. Accidentally iOS project is set to start up project so that didn't go so well... Changed so the droid project is the start up and tried to debug that. But when it hit the
LoadApplication (new App ());
I get a Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundException
Didn't find class "" on path: DexPathList[[zip file "data/app/my-projekt...... etc

What am I missing?

Update: Tried create a new project and set droid as start up directly with same result. Using Android Studio 5.9, guess that could be good to know :)

Update2: Guess I have to unload the iOS project since i only have Android license so the iOS doesn't build when I hit cmd+B. But my problem remains.

Update3: Downloaded samples, and the 'HelloXamarinFormsWorld.Android' use
SetPage(App.GetMainPage()); instead. This works, so what is the difference?
And why is project now named .Android (like example code here on xamrin site), but me default project have .droid?


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  • JCFordJCFord USMember

    I had problems running an out-of-the-box project on the android sdk's emulator, but it worked when I tried using genymotion.

  • PiePie SEMember
    edited April 2015

    I use a real device (sony xperia z, api level 19) and it works fine in other projects... just not out of box projects.

  • PiePie SEMember

    Thanks @JohnHardman , didn't directly answer my posted question but gave me lot answers to other questions I never posted about :)

    (and regarding my problem here, it seems that I can't, as an Android only developer, create a project for iOS and unload it...)

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