On OSX I can't get the virtual keyboard to show up in some of the XAP's (5.x+)

nousgoalsnousgoals AUMember, University

Which wouldn't be an issue IF you could access all of the keyboard elements from the (Mac's) hardware keyboard, but you can't get the "/" forward slash or the ":" colon character with the current release version of XAP .

So, two things: how to toggle the soft keyboard on and off?

And, how to access the forward- or backward-slashes and colon characters, using the Mac's hardware keyboard?

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  • nousgoalsnousgoals AUMember, University

    OK, thanks for the reminder about the in-Sim ability to show the keyboard. I had found that setting before, but I must have clicked it twice to turn it on and then off again.

    Regarding the inability to use my computer's keyboard to type some characters... my Keyboard region is Australian, but for these characters of interest, there is no difference between US / UK / AUS regions. Doing more testing, it is all of the characters on the two keys on the right side to the "L" key, and the single key between the RHS "shift" key and the key with the ">" and ".". Also the key to the left of the digit "1" key: the tilde character "~" and the backtick `. So, for each of those characters, I have no choice but to use the on-screen keyboard.

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