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Problem insertasync xamarin azure mobile service


I use Xamarin Azure Mobile Service (
I have a string to insert. it can contains some lines ( \r\n on winRT or \n on android ).

For example, for the following text :

"this is
a test"

on WinRT, the string is "this is\r\na test"
=> insert ok

on Android, the string is "this is\na test"
=> insert ko, I don't have any message from azure, no logs, nothing !

If i remplace \n by \r\n, still same proble
=> KO

If i try to "hash" the \n (\n)
=> insert ok, but when i get back the string, is \n ! So of course it doesn't work when I want to display it

Because is a cross platform project, I really don't want to

  • hash all the string
  • do some platform specific thing to manage that ( especially about the fact that my winRT \r\n is displayed correctly on my android device)

The maximum trick that I can do is to convert \n to \r\n (because I'm afraid about \n under winRT ....) but it still doesn't work.

Conclusion : it seems that the android lib (maybe iOS ?) have a bug on the insertion on Azure, can you tell me more informations about that or try to fix it, thanks !


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