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I am trying to find out what all the Business Features are that are supported in Business and not in Indie. Searching the forum does not come up with a clear answer. Only people annoyed that a certain feature is not available anymore after activating an Indie license.
So what I really like to find is, if I need to invest in the Business Features when building apps that mostly connect to REST services and use some form of local storage.


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  • JonathanPryorJonathanPryor USXamarin Team Xamurai
    edited April 2013

    Go to and hold your mouse over the Business Features link, and you'll get a description of what's included:


    Specifically, it says:

    Support for in-house deployment, headless builds, WCF, and System.Data.SqlClient

    [do] I need to invest in the Business Features when building apps that mostly connect to REST services and use some form of local storage.

    Probably not, unless you want Visual Studio support.

  • I have seen this of course when I read through other posts I got the idea that there must be more than just the 4 items mentioned in the hover.
    This brings up another question about pricing. If I want to extend the support after one year it will cost again $ 999,00 per platform per developer right?

  • Thank you. In that case I think you should consider (like others already mentioned) a "professional" plan between Indie and Business. Or have a model for returning customers like other tool providers, at least for Business and higher.

  • darinseasedarinsease USMember

    I was auto upgraded from the previous editions to the current business class editions. Because I did not read the smaller print, I thought that I would eventually be repurchasing both platforms for a total of $999. The cost will actually be $2000. Time will tell, but currently I think the price is excessive.

    Also I see the breaking out of WCF and System.Data.SqlClient as value added propositions a troubling first step?

  • PierPier MXMember

    Sorry for reviving an old thread, but this is the 1st google result when searching information about those business features.

    The little popup mentions "support for in house deployment". What is this exactly? A system for deploying in house or simply the support to be able to deploy outside of the app stores?

  • DavidDancyDavidDancy AUMember ✭✭✭✭

    @Pier "in house deployment" means deployment outside of the app stores, where you put the .apk or .ipa file on your own server and allow your users to install it from that.

  • PierPier MXMember

    Hey @DavidDancy

    So what you are saying is that without a business Xamarin license I can't post an APK or an IPA on my own server even if I do have an enterprise iOS license?

  • DavidDancyDavidDancy AUMember ✭✭✭✭

    I don't know about "can't" - it may be technically possible but still against the terms of the licence.

    My understanding is that Business allows you to create Enterprise apps that can be distributed outside the app stores. It also allows headless builds.

    But for the definitive picture I think it would be best to contact Xamarin direct.

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