Error Message: Trial executable has expired (24 hours limit) ?

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I have an Indie license, but Xamarin Profiler can only be run with 1 of the following 3 licenses: Business, Enterprise, and Trial. So, I have to run Profiler with the "Trial Licenses".

After 2 days, I suddenly have this weird issue: every times, I open or run my Xamarin built apps, which I build from Xamarin Studio, I got the error message popping up "Trial executable has expired (24 hours limit) ". Then after I close that message, my Xamarin built apps won't come up. So, essentially, I can run any apps that I build with Xamarin Studio. So, now I have 2 questions:

(1) Is that error message caused by the fact that I installed Profiler with the TRIAL license and it expired after 1 day (24 hours) ?

(2) I have successfully uninstalled the Xamarin Profiler from my computer. But, that error message still pops up every time, and I still have the exact same issue. Does anyone know how to fix that issue ?



  • ThanhNgoThanhNgo USMember ✭✭

    In case you wonder, I have done a build CLEAN and rebuild ALL, but after 24 hours or more, the same issue happens again all over the place, which means that error message "Trial executable has expired (24 hours limit) "comes up again every time I try to launch a Xamarin built app on my iPad. Please help. Thanks.

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