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mdtool with configuration name, wrong path for support files


I have setup a new configuration called "AdHoc" for my UI project, created a new solution configuration based on it and mapped to the "Release" configuration for other projects in the same solution.

It works in Xamarin Studio but when I build the project with mdtool I got an error of "support files" not found i.e can't find ProjectY\bin\Debug\ProjectY.dll (ProjectY is referenced by the UI project)

ProjectY is successfully build before with the Release configuration. It seems that mdtool completely ignore the configurations mapping and try to find the default configuration for projects referenced in the csproj to build (?)

Here's the calls to mdtool:

mdtool build '--project:ProjectY' '--configuration:Release' 'MyCompany.Mobile.Solution.iOS.sln' "mdtool build '--project:MyCompany.Mobile.Client.iOS' '--configuration:AdHoc' 'MyCompany.Mobile.Solution.iOS.sln'


  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    If you explicitly specify a project to build within the solution, then the configuration is interpreted as a project configuration, not a solution configuration.

  • Yes it was I get it in since writing this post. I cleaned up the configurations at the project and solution levels and it's working now.

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