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Dialog not send content to the EditText ListView

andre.luiz1987andre.luiz1987 BRMember ✭✭
edited April 2013 in Xamarin.Android

I have a problem.

I have a dialog that has an EditText. The contents of this EditText I caught and put in a ListView, the error is that my variable that receives the contents of the EditText only receives null. move contents of dialog for the listview was to be quiet


      ImageView btnAddLinha = (ImageView) objDialogAddNewLine.FindViewById(Resource.Id.btok);
      ImageView btnCancelar =(ImageView)objDialogAddNewLine.FindViewById(Resource.Id.btcancel);

      btnAddLinha.Click + = delegate
         EditText txtNomedaLinha = FindViewById<EditText> (Resource.Id.txtNomedaLinha); <-- txtNomeLinha receive NULL?? Why???

             Item_ListView newItem = new Item_ListView (txtNomedaLinha.Text);
             items.add (newItem);
             adapterListView AdapterListView = new (this, items);
             adapterListView.NotifyDataSetChanged ();
             MainList.Adapter = adapterListView;


  • JonathanPryorJonathanPryor USXamarin Team Xamurai

    As a guess, you should try using objDialogAddNewLine.FindViewById<EditText>(Resource.Id.txtNomedaLinha), not just FindViewById<EditText>(Resource.Id.txtNomedaLinha).

    Alternatively, presumably you're using SetContentView() in your code. Does the layout you're using contain a txtNomedaLinha id?

  • andre.luiz1987andre.luiz1987 BRMember ✭✭

    Thanks, resolved!

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