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Cant build app on iPad, but on Simulator works fine.

Hi, I can't build or release app on iPad, but on simulator is everything ok.
Here is the build log on iPad, any suggestion would be great.

Build log:

Building: Vendor12_IPad (Debug|iPhone)

Detecting signing identity...
Provisioning Profile: "iOS Team Provisioning Profile: net.performit.captureit" (B8F28B90-A7F4-4374-A39F-E0BB44813A84)
Signing Identity: "iPhone Developer: Alexander Kushnir (255HD9PP34)"
App ID: ""

---------------------- Done ----------------------

Build failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Build: 1 error, 0 warnings


  • ArminAltArminAlt DEMember

    Version info:

    Xamarin Studio
    Version 4.2.3 (build 59)
    Installation UUID: 9833dfcc-1554-4045-b7ba-dfe2c5aea1ab
    Mono 3.2.6 ((no/9b58377)
    GTK+ 2.24.23 theme: Raleigh
    GTK# (
    Package version: 302060000

    Apple Developer Tools
    Xcode 5.0.2 (3335.32)
    Build 5A3005

    Version: (Business Edition)
    Hash: fb4bc7b
    Build date: 2014-17-02 17:43:23-0500

  • BillBlondinBillBlondin USMember

    I have the same issue

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