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Installing Xamarin for Visual Studio 2012

AndrewBoseAndrewBose USMember

I installed a Xamarin trial and then upgraded to the business license. After installing the trial version, I installed Visual Studio 2012. I downloaded and ran the Windows installer (after installing 2012). Now, the "Xamarin Account" option appears under Tools in VS2010, but NOT in VS2012. I have rerun the installer a couple of times (as Admin), and even tried manually installing the msi files from the installer log. VS2012 doesn't seem to be getting the plugin.

I have deleted my trial license from the MonoForDroid\License directory.

Any ideas?


  • AndrewBoseAndrewBose USMember

    I finally got it to install in 2012 by:

    Uninstalling everything Xamarin Related
    -Xamarin Installer
    -Xamarin Studio
    -Mono iOS
    -Mono Android

    Uninstalling VS 2010 (this may not be needed)
    Reinstalling Xamarin using the installer at

    Now VS2010 has a "Xamarin Account" option under "Tools."

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