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Generic licensing question

Hola! I'm new to Xamarin but seasoned in sw engineering. :) I'm planning to develop applications/games with .NET and currently working on my XNA based game engine (SmithNgine). Goal is to release apps on multiple platforms (including Android, iPhone and Windows).

I've reviewed the pricing for different licensing tiers. Currently the cheapest way to release a REAL Android app with Xamarin is buying the yearly 299$ fee. I find it quite steep for new indie developers with no steady income from their products yet. I said REAL App because the binary size limit (10kB if I remember right) is very low.

I would like to suggest that this (or other tiers also) could be split into monthly payments. Meaning that for example for Indie license I would pay e.g. 25$ per month and could cancel the subscription at anytime. This model would probably bring more customers for you also because the initial costs would not be so high.

I'm sure it brings concerns for you about the fact that some people would buy the monthly license, build and release their game and cancel the subscription. Eventually paying only for one month.

However I do not see a problem with this. Many people would keep the license running anyways and I am sure this model would bring more customers for you who at least pay for that one month.

Just some thoughts about the licensing :)


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