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Is there any native iOS or Android library to connect to SFTP site ?

ayadhalalayadhalal AEMember ✭✭

Hello ,

Im building an android & ios application in which i need to connect to an SFTP site to download images .
As far as I know there is not native .net for SFTP .
I checked some nuget libraries but couldn't add any as they are not compatible with the framework .
I also found some components in xamarin store which are not free .
My inquiry ,is there a native or free component or library in iOS or Android which i can use to connect to SFTP site ?

I appreciate any help



  • AndreasReiffAndreasReiff DEUniversity ✭✭

    Hello ayad!

    Does it really need to be native?

    There are several .net libraries that do just that. is one, though it is not maintained anymore and has some bugs, I recently moved to which I am reasonably happy with. Next to SSH, both support SCP and SFTP.

    I would expect them to work in Xamarin environment, too. If not, you could still try grabbing the relevant code parts.


  • ayadhalalayadhalal AEMember ✭✭

    Hello Andreas

    Thanks for your help and sorry for the later reply .I tested Rebex library and it is working very well plus the sshnet you mentioend ,I just wanted to check if there is a native SFTP library in android or ios before I continue to use those .So far i couldnt find native one .

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