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I am new to Xamarin, and I am currently trying to implement some simple screen to see the Xamarin.Forms capabilities in reality.

When Xamarin.Forms gave me great portability and flexibility of designing cross-platform layouts and controls it does not allow me to customize the controls and I have to implement the details in the platform code.

I do understand the constraint of different drawing mechanisms on different platforms, but the question is why is Xamarin.Forms lacking such basic functionalities as setting a control's color ? -- in my case it was a SeekBar which color I wanted to change, but do to so I had to provide the whole layout xml in the platform (Android) in my custom renderer.

I presume there might be some way of working around this, at least a library "out there" which would translate Android's mono code to Xamarin.Forms somehow (similarly iOS' code in to Xamarin.Forms). Any thoughts ?

Thank You!


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  • PawelBialekPawelBialek USMember

    Thanks for all the answers!
    I had the hope that something like XLabs exists. Will definitely try it out.
    Also, @adamkemp , can You pinpoint where the default Xamarin.Forms renderers are placed and what their names are ?


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    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. There are two ways to answer that. First, at a high level they come with the Xamarin.Forms NuGet package. At a lower level they are part of the Xamarin.Forms.Platform.(iOS|Android) assemblies. For instance, the renderer for a Slider is in Xamarin.Forms.Platform.(iOS|Android).SliderRenderer.

    If you want source then you're out of luck. Xamarin.Forms is not an open source project. You get the assemblies and some documentation.

  • PawelBialekPawelBialek USMember

    @adamkemp Thanks! will look into. Appreciate the help!

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