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Nexus 4 KitKat 4.4.2 API 19 Google Voice Search is broken

BrianKaplanBrianKaplan USMember
edited April 2015 in Xamarin.Android

I am trying to develop a Xamarin.Android App that implements Android Voice to Text. I am following the recipe given here.

I believe that this does require that the emulated device has the Google Voice Search app installed on it. I have followed this tutorial here to install Google Play Services (which includes the Voice Search application)

Here's the problem. The Google Play Services simply doesn't work. When I try to run my code it just crashes....

This is the code that runs on clicking a microphone button. It is simply building the ActionRecognizeSpeech intent.

var voiceIntent = new Intent(RecognizerIntent.ActionRecognizeSpeech);
voiceIntent.PutExtra(RecognizerIntent.ExtraLanguageModel, RecognizerIntent.LanguageModelFreeForm);
voiceIntent.PutExtra(RecognizerIntent.ExtraPrompt, Application.Context.GetString(Resource.String.messageSpeakNow));
voiceIntent.PutExtra(RecognizerIntent.ExtraSpeechInputCompleteSilenceLengthMillis, 1500);
voiceIntent.PutExtra(RecognizerIntent.ExtraSpeechInputPossiblyCompleteSilenceLengthMillis, 1500);
voiceIntent.PutExtra(RecognizerIntent.ExtraSpeechInputMinimumLengthMillis, 15000);
voiceIntent.PutExtra(RecognizerIntent.ExtraMaxResults, 1);
voiceIntent.PutExtra(RecognizerIntent.ExtraLanguage, Java.Util.Locale.Default);
StartActivityForResult(voiceIntent, VOICE);

On crash there is a popup on the device that says the Voice Search app has stopped working.
I have also tried this on another version of the Google Play Services

I've run into a real issue here and have no idea how to proceed.... Any help would be awesome



  • BrianKaplanBrianKaplan USMember

    If I try to just run the Voice Search app on its own, i.e. clicking the application on the devices apps menu. It has the same behavior.

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