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How can i reuse the code for REST API integration by using Xamarin.Forms projects?

Hi Team,

I've gone through the sample code for Tasky and TaskyPortable projects which are using Shared Project and Portable library respectively for saving and retrieving data from sqlite. There is platform specific code in "Project".Android and "Project".iOS which using a code from portable library/shared project.
Can i achieve the same functionality for REST API integration,without writing a single line of code in Platform specific projects and writing everything in Shared project/Portable library? If yes, could you please provide me any pointers/references?

Also,I am using Mac/Xamarin studio for the development. Could you please advise on following:
1.Which project type should i choose, Xamarin.Forms.Portable or Xamarin.Forms.Shared?
2. How can i integrate with PARSE by writing everything in Shared project/Portable library?



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