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Parse & Buddy Back ends

roycornelissenroycornelissen USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

Does anyone have experience with or, esp. in combination with the Xamarin tools? Haven't been able to play with them yet. I'm wondering how they relate to building your own back end with WCF or ServiceStack.Net...?

Any thoughts?


  • GavinBryanGavinBryan GBBeta, University

    Hi Roy

    I've been using for a few months now on a couple of Monotouch apps and seeing how it works. I've been using the Parse Rest Api and been using this Rest Parse Wrapper ( to access things on Parse initially although have started writing some other Rest bits for it. It works very well and is very quick to get the backend up and running. Things like authentication, authorisation, data storage, push notifications etc. can be up and running very quickly, I've been using all of these without any problems. I also found the Parse Cloud Code useful as allows you to write custom Javascript server side code/scripts that are placed on the Parse server with a rest endpoint that you can call from your client code. I noticed they have just introduced Twilio and Mailgun integration but I was able to integrate Twilio and SendGrid myself with Cloud Code without any problems before they introduced these Api wrappers. I haven't used the Buddy platform, there seem to be more and more of these mobile backend services appearing. Buddy looks very good and I just chose at the time to try out. I like the look of the Azure Mobile Services though but looks like it is still early days for it but sure it will have alot of the features soon of the other mobile platforms. The pricing models seems to vary from platform to platform.

    I've also written my own custom MVC backends exposing rest endpoints (MVC Web Api) and which then integrate to authentication, authorisation, storage, mail, push notifications etc... but I can see the real attraction of these backend platforms like Parse and Buddy as without them a mobile developer needs mobile skills and backend skills and also support all the backend infrastructure themselves as well. I was in the process of writing a multi-tenanted CMS Web type solution myself with MVC and Web API on Azure so that I have more control over the backend (with a web front end and mobile endpoints) and that hooks into Twilio, SendGrid and UrbanAirship and other services which I can then use as a starting point option for future client projects but there are so many options now available with these other backends.

    I'd be interested in other people's experiences and what other people are using on the server side.

  • StuartLodgeStuartLodge USBeta ✭✭✭

    I just gave a talk on what I do serverside - - mainly I write my own WebApi MVC code and host it in Azure Websites

    But my current intention is to give Azure Mobile Services a go - and I just did an experiment with that too - so far so good...

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