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Device Rotation - no effect


When I rotate the device (Ctrl/Option + Left or Ctrl/Option + right), the player effectively rotates, but there is no detection by android and therefore the screen is not rotated.

The android setting to 'detect device rotation' is set on.

Someone knows about that issue ?



  • Will_SchallerWill_Schaller USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @EricPiraux. You actually need to have "detect device rotation" set to off in order for the Player to force orientations. The default launcher does not rotate to landscape mode, but any apps that support landscape should rotate when the Player's in landscape mode.

  • EricPirauxEricPiraux BEMember


    Thank you for the "tip", indeed my app rotates, even if the default laucher doesn't.


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