Learning to create iOS apps in Code.

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Hi, I've recently started my Xamarin University training and I'm really enjyoing it so far!

As a beginner in mobile development I really want to learn how to create my iOS apps in code instead of using the designer. The reason for this is that I find it easier to learn if I create it all on my own programmatically and therefor get a better understanding of the iOS platform.

I've read the article "Creating iOS Applications in Code Using Visual Studio" which is a good start but abit short.

So my question is basically do you guys know of any other resources to learn this? Ive checked out the XamarinStore source code which is good to look at and get the idea of how things are done. I assume the code there is best practice for creating iOS UI's programatically.

But it leaves me with a few question and therefor it would be nice with a more in depth article on how to create your view programatically. Like whats the difference between View.Frame and View.Bounds? Sometimes people seem to use View.Add, sometimes View.AddSubview and i'd really like something that explains situations like this and when to choose which!

So if anyone know of a book, an article or some other source code I can look at I would really appreciate it!


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