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Double-click folders expand/collaps is not standard behaviour on any platform AFAIK. LOLWAT?

I sended new bug report, and i'm not gonna keep silent about that.
My buf report is duplicate of, some one's smart guy, old report bug.
Here is my new report text (Bug 11974):

This is copy of Bug 3192, which sayed WONTFIX, i quote:
because of "That's not standard behaviour on any platform AFAIK" (c) Michael

Well, i wanna say u smth. Platform != IDE.
1) Look at Visual Studio, everything works fine, double click expands folders
in solution explorer, the only exception is opening options dialog for resource
2) Look at Unity 3D Editor -> Inspector. Every component expands/collapses via
not even double, but "Single" mouse click.

LOGIC: And now, please, think logically. What should happen, when you
double-click folder in "REAL-LIFE"? Yes, right: file's list should appear.
Every platform's explorers, Linux or Windows, knows that. And you know that?

Untill there will not be double-click expand/collaps, your IDE will not be any
usable for me. Sorry, but it's true, and it's very sad, because i really think
you have all chanses to replace even Visual Studio, if you do it right. But
obviously it's not gonna happen right now. But please at least try and don't
forget logic and common practice. Thank you in advance.

I just can't always trying to click and not miss every "expant/collaps" icon in
left side of folder, that's very hard to navigate, please try to understand
that. Configuration menu i need only in 1% of cases, so i can use Right-Click +
Options menu as i always do. I assure you everybody will support me.


  • newbprofinewbprofi RUMember
    edited April 2013

    I found over 10 big obvious bugs in Xamarin Studio 4.0.1 for only 30 minutes of using it. And you talking about AFAIK? Just please do your job, nothing more, and someday Xamarin Sudio will be able to alternate Visual Stuio, but obviously not very soon, until you use so many AFAIKs from your mystic universe.

    Please note, i discuss exactly "Folders", not every expandable element. Every
    element should have it's own logical behaviour via double-clicking.

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