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How to fix test scripts after running on Xamarin Test Cloud?

Please share your idea.


  • Running on local with 1 device successfully
  • Submit test scripts to Xamarin Test Cloud, and then there are some test scripts cannot run on some specific devices

How can you investigate to fix errors?

  • In test scripts, add more screenshots
  • Analyse Test Failures
  • Re-run test script on 1 device once to detect error

Is there any way or technic to do? E.g. Log, run test scripts on emulator device which has the same error on Xamarin Test Cloud device,...



  • AlisonFernandesAlisonFernandes USMember ✭✭
    edited March 2015

    Don't know if I understood your question, are you asking about the our approach to solving test script specific errors (for instance, when the test didn't take into account smaller devices and fails because of that)?

    If so, I just try to understand why it failed in the first place and fix it in the code and run the test again. Of course you can install an emulator similar to the device that is triggering that script error first, but usually test problems are simple enough for a quick fix and re-run. They are usually resolution related problems, for instance, there's a scrollable menu that in your 1080x1920 emulator you can view all the elements, but in a 768x1280 device you can only see half of them.

    That being said, having multiple resolutions emulators installed helps saving TestCloud device hours :)

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