Linker & Debug configuration


does the Linker still strip every unneeded assembly when set to "Link all assemblies" and using the "Debug" configuration?
To me it seems that the linker is not active?

Can anyone confirm this or give me any feedback regarding the setup.


  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    It depends on your project settings. You can configure the linker settings differently on Debug vs. Release configurations, or you can configure them the same. I think the default is to not do linking in debug for build speed, but we prefer to keep the settings the same so we don't miss linker issues.

  • OtaMaresOtaMares DEMember ✭✭

    Yeah @adamkemp we configured the linker to link all assemblies in debug mode too but it seems only to work when "Use shared Mono runtime" and "Fast assembly deployment" is turned off. Can you confirm that?

  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    Right, you should not use those options when the linker is enabled. They are mutually exclusive.

  • OtaMaresOtaMares DEMember ✭✭

    Good to know, should be documented somewhere. Thanks for the heads up.

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