Past Classes, problems with the website?

SureFlapSureFlap USMember, University

Hi to all,
I attendend 4 courses: XAM130, XAM150, XAM160, XAM300 but the website says me that I attended only class XAM300!
I see in the "past classes" all 4 classes, but in "Mobile Certification Progress" I read that I attended only XAM300 (and the progress bar says 9%).
Please, Can you explain why?

Thank you!

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  • SureFlapSureFlap USMember, University

    Hi @KarinaUng‌ , thank you!

  • SureFlapSureFlap USMember, University

    Hi @KarinaUng ! It's happened again!

    Yesterday I followed the course:

    Memory Management + Best Practices [XAM370]
    with Rob Gibbens on Wednesday, January 28 at 2pm

    and this time I registered myself with the "correct" email (with my name and surname), but today I can't see the attendance under the class!
    Is there something that I do wrong?

    Thank you!

    PS. I noticed that the classes are almost always almost empty (10, 11 people), but when i want to register myself in a new class, sometimes it says me that the class are full! It's hard for me (London time) to find a class in the right times, so it's very frustrating when I find the class in the correct time and I can't register myself because the class is full.

  • KarinaUngKarinaUng USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, University, XamUProfessors Xamurai

    Hi @SureFlap -

    After looking at the attendee reports for the past classes you've registered for (i.e. Rob's XAM370, René's XAM101, and Judy's AND110), I was not able to find your email address that's linked to your Xamarin Account. In fact, your first and surname is listed as "SureFlap" on your account.

    If you provide me with your first/last name and email address used to log into the GoToTraining sessions, I can adjust your class credits.

    For future reference, when registering yourself into the GoToTraining sessions, please use the email address that's linked to your Xamarin University account. If you'd like for me to confirm what email address is being used, please email me at [email protected] :)

    Lastly, feel free to add yourself to the waiting list if a class is full. We're pretty lenient with squeezing people into a class - just make sure to leave a note/reason why you'd like to be added to the class. You can also Request a Class if you're having issues with finding a class that fits your schedule. We'll try our best to accommodate!

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