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I am doing some research here... it appears that CocosSharp is 2D only... but I see references to XNA/3D and also OpenGL. It is my understanding that OpenGL is used with 3D rendering. Basically, what I am wanting to know is if it is possible to render 3D elements/models using Xamarin in any way. Or, if the current recommendation/expectation when using Xamarin is just for 2D games only.

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  • kjpou1kjpou1 LUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hello Mike

    First off :-)

    Second is that CocosSharp is right now only 2D with the base for 3D built in but no infrastructure built specifically for 3D to do this, -- yet --. On our objectives to get the actual plumbing for that in there.

    It is built on top of MonoGame which does support 3D models and the other things you want to do so you can check into MonoGame which you are able to use with Xamarin. So really in reference to your "Xamarin could be 3D" it already is by using MonoGame just not CocosSharp at the moment.

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    :D Thank you @kjpou1! I will look into that more. Like I said, I'm a newb and all my knowledge around Xamarin is really in Xamarin.Forms. :) Thanks again.

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    Also, to be sure, it would be great to enable Xamarin.Forms support along w/ MonoGame. :)

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