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Portable SceneKit API - Implications...

Hello everyone!

I recently did a test for an interactive 3D app using Apple's SceneKit in VS for Mac. And let me tell you, I love SceneKit. A LOT.
So much, in fact, that I've been looking for an implementation of SceneKit for other platforms (Android, Windows?), to no avail.

Do you know, guys, if there is such a thing available for Xamarin?

If there isn't, I think it's high time we started doing some work on it. And when I say "we", to be honest, I actually mean "me" :smile:

There is one thing that worries me, though. I'm wondering if there are some kind of legal implications to create a piece of software implementing an Apple API in a platform that is not Apple's. Do they have the right to say "Hey, you, the guy who ported SceneKit to Android, here, this is a takedown notice. Stop doing it." in any capacity at all?

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