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Reduce height of iOS native navigation bar

jwattsjwatts USMember

I have found several articles and forum post about how to customize the iOS navigation bar using Xamarin.Forms but I have not found anything about how to do this using Xamarin native iOS development. :'(

How do you adjust the height of the iOS navigation bar using Xamarin native iOS development? :/ Specifically, I would like to reduce the height of the navigation bar because it is taking up too much room.

I tried using no navigation bar but I don't like how the battery life and clock are on top of the other app content. Is there a way of giving the top area that contains the clock, battery and cellular information a background? :|

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate any information at all about this. :):)


  • prashantvcprashantvc USXamarin Team Xamurai

    A similar question is answered on the stackoverflow here, the code is in Swift and Objective-C but you can easily port it to C#.

    Let me know if you are stuck somewhere, and in need of help :)

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