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services returning TimeOut when deploying on specific MACBook

ArturPiresArturPires USMember

I have an application that runs on iOS and Android. I am developing in a Windows machine, using VS 2015. When I deploy the Android application it works perfectly. When I deploy the iOS connecting to my MACbook, the app is not able to call any service. If I try to call my API, I get a "Task was cancelled", that is likely a timeout problem.

However, if I deploy on my friend's MACbook, the application doesn't present this error. It works perfectly.

So it is probably a version problem, certificate, or something like that. But I wasn't able to identify it.

Therefore, anyone can suggest what I am missing?

My Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Forms, XCode, and everything are up to date.

I am using Visual Studio 2017 for Mac.

My Xamarin.iOS version on my windows machine is and on my Mac machine is (But even when I try, my VS for MAC says that I am up-to-date, so I was not able to put both exactly on the same version).

Thank you in advance,

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