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Deploy android using msbuild silently no prompt

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I have been googling for days on how to deploy/create a signed apk silently. I can create a signed apk using msbuild but it asks me for prompts all the time .EG Createkeystore keytool genkey -noprompt still does not do what I think it should do .Still prompt me for password .
Is this how it should work?

how about setting properties in the proj file .Tried that but no sure if it should just work by building the app and visual studio will produce a signed apk.

If i set this in proj file .What is the next step? should Visual studio produce a signed apk out of the box?

How does "deploy" menu item in visual studio does it? Code?

All the things i have tried and google did not work.

Deploy and produce a signed apk silently using either visual studio or msbuild

Any ideas?Samples on how to do this without any prompt??

many thanks

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