Grid in Listview

NessaNessa DEMember ✭✭

hey guys
I didn't start that Long ago with xamarin and serious implementing/programming so this might be a really stupid question :smile:
I want to put a grid in a listview, so that I can use pullToRefresh...
but I am having Trouble with it. i think it's because it's neither a text nor an Image cell when a grid is in a cell?
it just doesn't work so for example i wanted to do listview as Content and grid as it's child and i tried various possibilities but somehow i cant make it work.
Maybe I can do sth with parent/child? but i dont have a clue how to implement that right or if it's even possible....
Plz help

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  • NessaNessa DEMember ✭✭

    ViewCell is the answer to all of my questions :D thx

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