Build Error CS1567: Win32 source creating error

hi, i get win32 source creating error when im trying to build my first android application.

Before this error im changed application icon from AndroidManifest.xml - Application icon.

here's the error description:
...\obj\Debug\HesapMakinesi.dll: Error CS1567: Win32 source creating error: '...\Calc 32.png' error reading icon -- data is invalid. (CS1567)

and my build output=


  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Don't set the Win32 icon in your project settings, that's only used by Windows desktop apps.

  • syntapsyntap USMember
    edited December 2015

    Because this is the spot I landed when I searched this issue and didn't find a solution, I'll post mine. Exit Xamarin and open the .csproj file for your solution in a text editor. Delete the lines in debug and release configurations that refer to the app icon in drawable, should look like this:


    When you reload your project and rebuild it should clear that error out.

  • Liger_JeromeLiger_Jerome FRUniversity ✭✭

    Dude... It makes twice that I've got this error and the "edit .csproj file method" works...
    The problem is that I didn't remember I have resolved the first time... until I saw this post...

    But why it happens again ? I don't know the initial reason... Xamarin updates ?

    I hope to remember next time ;-)

    Thanks @syntap (twice) ^^

  • syntapsyntap USMember

    :) I'll probably forget it myself, Google it, and find my own post!

  • SarithaSaritha INMember

    I also faced the same issue. It got solved by removing the Application icon line in the release configuration section from Cs project.

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