Device testing

GunnarHelgasonGunnarHelgason ISMember

I have been working on xamarin forms app, and I want to test it on devices.
What devices are both cheap and can run Android 7.1 at least?
I myself have an Iphone and is it a bad idea to test on my own device that I use also as my primary phone?

Be aware I am a broke student :smile:


  • JimBennettJimBennett GBXamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭✭

    It's fine to test on your own device - nothing you can do as a developer will break your iPhone.
    For Android - it depends, where do you live? For example I live in New Zealand and the only way to get a device that supports 7.1 is via an import, nothing available off the shelves yet.

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