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Turn off AirPlay on iOS for UIImagePickerController

Presently I have an Xamarin Forms project using James Montemagno's plugin for capturing video and photos.
It works great and I have no problems using the plugin between iOS and Android.

But while doing a demonstration with my application to a larger audience and streaming my iOS device over AirStream (which uses AirPlay), the video I just recorded during the demo using this component automatically gets captured to the host machine. This interrupts the demo and causes some confusion. I have the source for JM's component and have been looking all over the place for a way to turn off AirPlay for the UIImagePickerController without any luck.

Anyone know of a way to turn off automatic rendering of the video via AirPlay for the UIImagePickerController? As we are trying not to replace the component we used in the project with the MPMoviePlayerController or any other AV Foundation class for this project and keep this component in our cross-platform PCL project.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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