How should I approach this project?

huongduonghuongduong AZMember


I am a newbie in Xamarin and But, I am given a xamarin project to do.
Hence, I hope to have some advice as to the system requirements :
So far, I have watched a video in which SQLite is being used as a database to 'cache' the images etc.
I'd like to know if Xamarin using VS2015 can work with Ms SQL and other major databases?
Furthermore, should I use WCF ?
Single sign-on is to be used also.
Can I work with 3 layered tiers and form based 4.5 ?
Does it matter if this is linked to the company intranet ?
Basically, I am very very new in programming and to develop something so new is overwhelming.
Would appreciate if there are some advice and step to step tutorials to start me off the ground. Tks.


  • NashZhouNashZhou USMember ✭✭✭

    A little curious why you are taking on such a major project with no knowledge of programming. You're asking a lot of questions when you've only watched 1 video so far and you're "very very" new. Don't get me wrong, asking questions are great, but are you trying to learn or trying to get a product out? When I was very new, I didn't know what a callback was or what an asynchronous method did.

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