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Examples of LiteDB/MarcelloDB (or any NoSQL) in a real-life application?

JuhaPehkonenJuhaPehkonen FIMember ✭✭

I've been trying to find a NoSQL solution for my app and while there are many options to choose from, I'm not able to find any proper tutorials or examples on how to use them in an actual Xamarin/iOS app. LiteDB has nice examples/code snippets on how to use its various objects and methods, but they more or less ignore mobile development and topics like async operations and repository patterns (singleton or not, etc.). As soon as I start putting together an actual application using LiteDB, I run into all kinds of issues (sharing violations and whatnot).

So are you aware of any sample applications with source code in GitHub or anywhere that use LiteDB or some other NoSQL solution? Couchbase Lite .NET has a sample app, but I'm not crazy about Couchbase's syntax. Seems somewhat unintuitive compared to for example LiteDB and MarcelloDB.

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