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How to Refresh and Reload a HybridWebView?

RyanDohertyRyanDoherty USMember ✭✭

I'm having trouble figuring out how to refresh and/or reload a HybridWebView. I am using the HybridWebView as shown in the example in the docs:

In my app, the user is able to add an item via the HTML/Javascript form in the HybridWebView, this item is then sent to the HybridWebView via messaging using the DidReceiveScriptMessage() method. Then, here I save the item into a SQLite database. The first time the HybridWebView is loaded, I've successfully got it to return all items in the database and then display them in the HWV via JavaScript injection, but it seems to be a single-shot deal. I need the app to refresh and display all items after a save, delete, or at a periodic interval the same way it does when it first gets loaded. Is there a way to trigger the HWV to reload?

I want the reload to happen automatically upon the data change and manually with a pull-down-to-refresh action.

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