Signing code: outside the store distribution

Hello there!

I'm trying to sign code in Xamarin Mac. I've imported the certificates with Xcode. I'm creating an application that will be distributed outside the Apple store. When I select the 'Sign the application bundle' in General->Mac Signing -> Checkbox and then select the 'Developer ID' the code will not build. The compiler complains with: "Error: No valid OS X code signing keys found in keychain. You need to request a codesigning certificate from" - This is odd as I have done this.

When I uncheck the box compile and use codesign to sign the app I get an error:

codesign --verify --verbose --sign "Developer ID Installer: " /tmp/
Segmentation fault: 11

If I use the "Mac Developer" name for the key the compiler will run and then pass codesign verification. However, it fails spctl:
spctl --assess --verbose

I'm very lost here. There appears to be a problem with Xamarin. Then there appears to be a conflict between codesign & spctl. I find this all quite odd. I can't any of these tools to point out a library or something that is causing the problem.

Anyone have any clues as to where I can start? I figured that by taking the signing out of Xamarin that I would be making the process a bit more easy to break down. Is there a 1-10 step guide to doing this? I've read though the docs on the In concept it's simple. Application seems to be a different story.

Thanks for any assistance!



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