July 12, 2017: Birmingham UK: How to embed Xamarin forms into native apps

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Usually developers are faced with a challenging question whenever they are about to start a new Xamarin project : Native or forms? Fortunately, with the latest Build announcement, developers don't have to make an exclusive choice anymore. It is now possible to embed a Xamarin.Forms ContentPage into native applications. In this session, we will go through all the steps to add a ContentPage to your native Xamarin app.

Speaker Bio: Rabeb Othmani

Rabeb is a software engineer with a heavy background on .NET and Microsoft technologies. She has spent her career working on desktop and mobile applications using technologies such as WPF and Xamarin. For the past three years or so, she was building cross-platform mobile applications with a focus on UX. Recently, Rabeb has joined Nexmo as a developer advocate.

Other than writing code for a living, Rabeb advocates to bring more women and minorities into tech, thus her involvement with Women Who Code and different tech communities. She is leading the Women Who Code Network in Bristol.

Details: https://www.meetup.com/Birmingham-Xamarin-Mobile-Cross-Platform-User-Group/events/237904131/

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