How to execute iOS app in Device from Windows

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My Windows Desktop connected to MAC. I have plugged my iPhone to MAC m/c and getting that name in windows m/c. when i am executing it, it is showing the error and asking for Signing identity, even i am providing my Identities but it is not accepting. See the Screenshot i have attached. Please help

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    already i have signing identities as i am showing im middle of screenshot in Bundle Signing. I am able execute app in MAC machine. but when i am executing it from windows that time it is asking for identities.
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    From your screen shot you have provided you have the provisioning profile set to automatic, I find that this doesn't always seem to work and it best to select the provisioning profile that matches your app.

    The provisioning profile must match the the bundle identifier within info.plist file.

    Hope that helps.

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    The Projects name you are getting in Provisioning Profile section i think created by MAC. The same project what i am talking about not getting(created in windows) that project name.
    whatever projects name you are getting in screenshot in Provisioning Profile is anyone have you created from Windows machine.

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    Thank you @Max_MacFarlane it worked for me. :smiley:

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