How to share PDF/Mobi files to another app using Xamarin iOS?

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I am using the below code to share the files to other apps using xamarin iOS. but i didnt get any response when click share. Is there any other option to share files to other apps using Xamarin iOS?


    UIViewController GetVisibleViewController()
        var rootController = UIApplication.SharedApplication.KeyWindow.RootViewController;

        if (rootController.PresentedViewController == null)
            return rootController;

        if (rootController.PresentedViewController is UINavigationController)
            return ((UINavigationController)rootController.PresentedViewController).TopViewController;

        if (rootController.PresentedViewController is UITabBarController)
            return ((UITabBarController)rootController.PresentedViewController).SelectedViewController;

        return rootController.PresentedViewController;

public async Task Show(string title, string message, string filePath)
        var items = new NSObject[] { NSObject.FromObject(title), NSUrl.FromFilename(filePath) };
        var activityController = new UIActivityViewController(items, null);
        var vc = GetVisibleViewController();

        NSString[] excludedActivityTypes = null;

        if (excludedActivityTypes != null && excludedActivityTypes.Length > 0)
            activityController.ExcludedActivityTypes = excludedActivityTypes;

        if (UIDevice.CurrentDevice.CheckSystemVersion(8, 0))
            if (activityController.PopoverPresentationController != null)
                activityController.PopoverPresentationController.SourceView = vc.View;
        await vc.PresentViewControllerAsync(activityController, true);


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